About Me


First of all, I’m a mum to 3 lovely children and secondly, I’m an ex-professional dancer who is hugely passionate about fitness, health and wellbeing. I discovered babywearing with my 3rd baby as having 2 free hands was essential! I soon began to love having him so close to me and the lovely bonding experience it gave us both.

Being a mum is hard and I would love to help mums feel good about themselves. If that’s by helping you get back in shape, feel comfortable babywearing or just get out the house…we can do it together.

My qualifications include pre and post-natal fitness instructor, dance teacher, babywearing peer support worker, exercise to music instructor, gym instructor and I am a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals.

‘Sling Fit Mama’ is a combination of all the things I love and I really hope you love it too.

Laura Banks x