Frequently Asked Questions


When can I start Sling Fit Mama?

After you have had your 6-week midwife check, been given the ‘all clear’ to exercise and your post-partum bleeding has stopped. I recommend 6 weeks after a natural birth and 8 weeks after a caesarean.


What sling do I need?

Either a wrap or a buckle carrier are best suited for the class. Such as Stretchy wrap, close caboo, Tula, Connecta and Beco. Babies are to be worn “tummy to tummy” or older/heavier babies may be back carried.


Is there an age limit for babies?

No, though classes more suited to pre-walkers. However, if your baby is used to being in a sling and happy to stay in it for an hour they are more than welcome.


I haven’t exercised since birth, will I be okay?

Yes, the classes are designed for post-natal women so the exercises will be suitable for you. If you have any pregnancy related conditions I can help adapt exercises for you, as long as the midwife has said you’re fit to exercise!


What If I need to feed or change my baby?

Not a problem feel free to stop and feed at any point in the class and I have ensured baby changing facilities at all venues.


What should I wear for the classes?

Anything you’re comfortable in but I recommend just 1 layer on your top. You’re going to get warm and will be difficult taking the sling off to take layers off. For baby, I recommend you take them down to their vest, as they are going to get your heat off you too.


Can we turn up for a class on the day?

You can but if it’s your first time at Sling Fit Mama you will need to bring a completed insurance form which can be found here. Once you have done that you are free to turn up whenever you like and pay on the day for the remainder of the term.